At CSH, we intend to build upon the core concepts of ship handling in STS operation, through understanding the theory of ship handling and then applying this knowledge, practically by trying out different situations on the simulator (STS at anchor & underway STS). To achieve these objectives state-of-art Kongsberg ‘K-SIM Polaris’ Full-Mission Ship’s Bridge Simulator is used. The Simulator is equipped with ship models, which replicate the maneuvering characteristics of the ships during STS Manoeuver. Every participant is given the opportunity to carry out the exercise in order to gain practical experience of ship handling. Shipping companies will find this course helpful in giving invaluable knowledge and confidence to their staff when they practically carry out an STS operation on board. In addition topics such as equipment, fender requirement, safety, communication, etc. are also covered.

Our transshipment service uses connections composed of conventional articulated transfer arms and cryogenic pipelines linking the two berths of the terminal between the ships: Transshipment may also be called “Ship-to-Ship” (STS), even if STS usually refers to offshore cargo transfer through flexible hoses between side-by-side vessels.

Our comprehensive STS capability comprises of well-experienced mooring masters, complete with tugboats, fenders, and hoses, which are entirely owned, operated, and maintained by us. All our operations strictly adhere to OCIM/ICS guidelines and local regulations. Our tugboats are well-equipped with pollution control equipment and fire-fighting capabilities.